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An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth


Some of my favorite photos on come from the various “Renaissance” contests that combine contemporary celebrities and classic artwork. The title of this piece, Belvedere Apollo Meets Benedict Cumberbatch, speaks for itself. Creator maddiemay said, “I’ve always thought Mr. Cumberbatch has a very classic look to him, so I wanted to try this idea.” Do you think he pulls it off? (Lily Milos)

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) is on a mighty quest to unearth the state’s biggest LOTR fans for a live performance of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in concert on October 5, 2013. Not only are concertgoers are encouraged to dress up for the event, but some lucky fans could win concert tickets and even the chance to join the QSO on stage! If you’re fan who lives in Queensland, email your photo and personal story to or post it directly to the QSO Facebook page. (Arwen Kester)

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan has been picked up for a second season. Though he may be more familiar to you as Merry from The Lord of the Rings films, Monaghan lives his dream travelling to exotic locations and discovering rare creatures like the giant huntsman spider, hairy scorpion, and Goliath beetle. What can you expect in Season Two? Monaghan said, “I’d like to see an animal called the fossa in Madagascar, which is very similar to a wolverine or a large weasel…I’d also like to cage dive with great white sharks, I’d like to swim with the whale shark, I’d like to see polar bears. I’m fascinated by animals in general. There are lists of animals I’d like to see.” (Lily Milos)


Deviantartist CyberDrone makes custom fan art Cubeecraft cutout templates of characters from the Lord Of The Rings characters films. Above is part one of Gandalf the Grey. You can find all of CyberDrone’s LOTR Cubeecraft characters here. Can you believe that all of the templates are made on MSPaint? (Arwen Kester)

Business Insider shares Six Laws from The Lord of the Rings. You might know that elves may only marry once and swimming in the Forbidden Pool is a capital offense, but it’s helpful to get clarification on Gollum’s claim to the One Ring through the “acquisition by adverse possession” clause of property law. (Evie Bowman)

College Humor explains how we justify seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey multiple times. How many of you could use this excuse: “I fell asleep because I went to the midnight screening. I have to see it a second time to make sure I understood the whole movie and didn’t miss something”? (Alice)


This LEGO recreation of “Out of the frying-pan, into the fire” is just one of the many intricate builds from Legopard. Check out his Middle-earth Photoset for replicas of iconic scenes from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. (Alice)

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  1. LOL, poor Cumberbatch! His hair looks like it’s about to take flight.

    Thanks for the write up, Lily! Wonderful, as always. 😀

  2. That Apollo…I’m dying!!! 😀