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Fourth Year for Child’s Play LOTRO Event

For several years now, players of The Lord of the Rings Online have been partnering with the Child’s Play charity, raising money to improve the lives of hospitalised children. Previously, The Fellowship Walk has been hosted by Merric and Goldenstar of A Casual Stroll to Mordor. This year, however, the event will be hosted by our own LOTRO Players!


The Official Press Release:

The Fellowship (Lotro Players Staff) is planning to host a fundraising event for the Child’s Play organization for the fourth year in a row!


About Lotro Players

Lotro Players, hosted on the My Middle Earth Network  is a fansite dedicated to news, information and entertainment for players of the online game The Lord of the Rings Online created by Turbine, Inc. Lotro Players is not affiliated with Turbine or Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Find out more at http://lotroplayers.mymiddleearth.com


About Child’s Play Charities

Child’s Play is a charity organization started by the creators of the Penny Arcade web comic. The organization raises money to buy toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in Children’s Hospitals in North America, Australia and around the world.

Find out more at http://www.childsplaycharity.org/


Event Details

The Fellowship will be conducting a virtual walk inside the online game The Lord of the Rings Online. The goal is to walk from the in-game location of Bag-End all the way to Rivendell following the path of Frodo and his fellowship from the stories written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The event will take place from September 23rd, 2013 (the departure date of the original fellowship) until October 24th, 2013 (when Frodo woke up in Imladris).

Every donation we receive, whether it is goods/services for auction or anything else, will help move the fellowship forward on the same path as Frodo. We have developed a goal chart that will determine how the donations relate to the distance in game.


Departure at Bag End    $0

Hobbiton        $500

Frodo’s House in Crickhollow    $750

Tom Bombadil’s House    $1 000

The Great Spire in Barrow Downs $1 250

Bree, The Prancing Pony $1 500

Forsaken Inn, Lonelands $1 750

Weathertop      $2 000

Last Bridge, Lonelands  $2 500

Bilbo’s Trolls, Trollshaws      $3 000

Bruinen River, Trollshaws       $4 000

Rivendell, Last Homely House    $5 000


Once a goal from the chart has been reached the Fellowship staff will host a virtual walk in game from one location to the new goal location. This walk will be hosted on the Landroval server and the community will be encouraged to log in and join us on our walk across Middle-earth.

We also plan to live broadcast and record the walk for members of the community not able to join us and for use of promoting our progress on the Lotro Players blog. There will be a weekly progress post created to show the Fellowship’s current location in game.

100% of the donations will be given directly to Child’s Play; The Fellowship is not retaining any of the donations collected.


How Can You Participate?

The Fellowship is very open to outside support for this event and will appreciate any assistance your organization is able to provide. Past year’s events we had wonderful community support helping us get the word out and donation of prizes to give away.

Some suggestions for support:

•       Post or link on your web site

•       Participation in our podcast: interviews or short audio plugs supporting this event

•       Donation from your organization: we will gladly accept any items that we could give away as prizes in connection to this event.


We are happy to work with you for promotion of your organization in conjunction with the event.

Other suggestions or ideas for participation can be discussed with us directly by emailing us atfellowshipwalk@gmail.com.


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  1. This is fabulous news and I shall be participating again!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. says:

    It’s going to be epic! I am really looking forward to supporting this event.

  3. It will be HUGE!

  4. Glad to see this event back again! Huzzah!

  5. Floradine Strongfoot says:

    I love that this event has been taken over by LotroPlayers. Hats off to you guys! I am going to support this, too.

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