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Become SONS OF FIRE: Help Preserve Sword History with this Kickstarter Campaign

RTB_DVD_coverWith reviews naming it “Epic and grand!” and “Sensational and long overdue!”, it’s no small wonder that Reclaiming the Blade won it’s way to the #1 iTunes documentary. The film features exclusive insights from legends such as Bob Anderson, Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, and the voice of John Rhys-Davies who delve deep into the realm of sword history, swordsmithing, and sword instruction.

Fans from around the world praised the documentary, and now Galatia Films, the talent and minds behind the film’s success, have officially announced the production of the long awaited sequel, Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire.

In addition to exploring further with Hollywood stunt trainers, martial artist, and academic experts, this second documentary will focus more time unraveling the mysteries of the swordsmiths and their craft in making real historical blades, just as they were done thousands of years ago.

This second film will have all the excitement of the first film including more great celebrity involvement and the best of the best sword teams, clubs, stunt trainers, blade-smiths and more,” says producer Marshall Wells, also known for working with Galatia Films on the popular webcast, Hobbit in 5.

Executive Producer of Galatia Films, Daniel McNicoll, reveals,

Partnering with us this time around on the epic journey will be the Middle-earth Network‘s John DiBartolo, Mark Raymond and Ron Newcomb. Two great stunt sword trainers are joining us as well Allen Poppleton and Brian Danner both of whom worked on the Narnia films training Ben Barnes and William Moseley. Prince Caspian and Sir Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia are two amazing C.S. Lewis characters from the series and I am happy to say these two amazing actors should be joining us as well!”

Producing Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire is, without a doubt, a massive project. However, the folks at Galatia Films and Middle-earth Network feel that preserving the sword’s true history, and the combat techniques that surround it, is vital knowledge that needs to be passed on to future generations.

This is where you can become involved. Galatia Films has just launched their Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire Kickstarter campaign, allowing fans from around the world to be a part of the film’s making. This will be a documentary you won’t want to miss! Be a part of its making from the start: take a look at film’s Kickstarter campaign, check out it’s fantastic packages, and learn how to access Galatia Films’ “Producer’s blog”. Within the blog, fans will gain access to exclusive film production content not released to the general public. Joining is a mere $3 USD, but only for a limited time, so time is off the essence!

For more ideas on how you can help reclaim the blade, see below:

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