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Evangeline Lilly at the San Diego Comic Con

4Actress Evangeline Lilly is joining the San Diego Comic Con in the Weta booth during these days. She’s promoting the release of her first book: The Squickerwonkers, the introductory book to a Graphic, Children’s Storybook Series.

As Elijah Wood did some weeks ago, Evangeline invited her fans to ask her questions during an AMA on Reddit.


Here are Evangeline’s answers about filming The Hobbit and some photos of the Comic Con directly from her Instagram profile!


Evangeline, thank you for doing this! Big Lost and LOTR/The Hobbit fan. What were the best things about being involved with The Hobbit and filming in New Zealand?

The people. Kiwis are SO cool about celebs. They treat you like anybody else.

How was being on The Hobbit set/working with Peter Jackson? Is it as awesome as it sounds hanging out with dwarves, hobbits, elves, and wizards or do people generally act like themselves in costume off the camera?

Yes!!! It was as awesome as you’d think. I had an incredible experience on that film. Being an elf was a dream come true…a GINGER elf that can kick orc ass…forget about it.

How was comic con?

Still going! It’s been AMAZING. The reception to my book, The Squickerwonkers has really blown me away. #bestweekend

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“Author Evangeline Lilly and illustrator Johnny Fraser Allen launch their new book at the Weta booth at Comic Con” (photo credit: Weta Workshop Facebook page)

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