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LEGO Lake Town Chase Revealed

Photo via fbtb

Photo via fbtb

LEGO revealed a new  licensed set for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug at San Diego Comic Con: the Lake Town Chase.

The set consists of  Lake Town buildings, a ship and five characters. There’s Bilbo and Thorin, who we’ve seen before, with the Master of Lake Town (played by Stephen Fry in the film), Bard the Bowman (played by Luke Evans) and what appears to be a guard. (I must admit to being slightly disappointed that the fifth figure is a guard and not the Master’s conniving servant, Alfrid – Ryan Gage in the movie).

Lake Town Chase has 334 pieces plus the mini-figures. It will be released this December and will retail for $49.99.

See the pictures and the video on  FBTB  for a closer look at the set and the Master and Bard.



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