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John Callen’s Last Minutes On Set

992791_146215562247516_1614805559_nActor John Callen, who played Oin the Dwarf in The Hobbit, shared on his Facebook page his memories about the last minutes on the set of The Hobbit:

This was the end of the final shot for principal photography – I can remember it now and will remember it always. What a buzz. On Friday night when we wrapped the “Pick-ups” there was just one actor left on stage. The main unit finished a few moments ahead of us – Thorin’s last slash at Azog; then with the Splinter Unit Aiden Turner had to do one more take of his final shot, the final shot of the entire two and half years, three films. Mark Hadlow and I sat beside the monitor, the shot was done, we heard “Cut” and everyone waited, almost in silence, for PJ to review it. And then we knew it was over. Bruno the AD looked up from staring at the floor as he awaited the word … and it was done. “That’s a wrap”. What a cast, what a crew – Endless thanks to all who worked so hard to make us, the films, everything look and sound so good. Great party, good food, too much wine … not so many tears as we’d all done our bit one by one as we finished through the week, but so much feeling.
Now for me a holiday and then the hunt for a job. Anyone want to shoot Lear? I’m available from the end of September …

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