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Park Road Post Production Nominated For IBC2013 Innovation Award For Work On ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’


Wellington- SGO has announced that Park Road Post Production has been nominated for the IBC 2013 Innovation Awards for their devoted work on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM), the world’s first High Frame Rate Stereoscopic 3D (HFR- 3D ) feature film directed by Peter Jackson.

This nomination recognizes the innovative, ground-breaking workflow for the world’s first HFR-3D movie that has become a unique technical and aesthetic creation, as well as arguably one of the most significant developments in the last 80 years of cinema, giving filmmakers worldwide new abilities and setting it as a new standard.

“IBC is the event at which the world comes to share their knowledge about the electronic media and entertainment industry. The role of the IBC Awards is to celebrate the personalities and the organizations best demonstrating creativity and collaboration.” 

Park Road Post Production has been selected as on of the four finalists from over 200 entries. The winner will be announced on Sunday, September 15 at 18:30. Our fingers are crossed for the Park Road as the countdown has already begun!

“This year our shortlist reflects the remarkable breadth of our industry, from a blockbuster movie to the research behind getting the best possible HD quality to the home,” says Michael Lumley, Chairman of the IBC2013 Innovation Awards judging panel. “We have a remarkably diverse and fascinating shortlist this year, and like everyone I am keenly awaiting the ceremony at IBC and the announcement of the winners.”

Park Road’s Head of Technology, Phil Oatley adds,“The team at Park Road feel very proud that we have been nominated for this significant industry technology award. We wanted to create a complete pipeline, based on one platform, from rushes through to dailies screenings, and on to final online, stereo and colour grading. SGO’s Mistika provided a platform that was flexible and robust, gave us even greater speed than what is normally required for your average 2D 24fps project and was so good that the filmmakers never noticed that we were dealing with four times the data of a normal feature. Being nominated for IBC’s Innovation Award, is yet another acknowledgement of the hard work that went into this ground-breaking project.”

“The technology is important and so are the creative people who make the industry an exceptional place,” Says Miguel Angel Doncel, SGO’s CEO, also stressing the importance of The Director as the one talent to rule them all. “We are aware that a post production company of Park Road’s stature, when making a film with a world-class director like Peter Jackson, could choose any technology partner they wanted. The fact that they put their trust in SGO’s Mistika technology, and that we delivered all the functionality they needed to create such a ground-breaking production, will forever be a great source of pride for us. We have immense gratitude to Park Road for their inspirational support and extensive feedback. The results are breathtaking, and have made movie history. We look forward to continuing the great relationship we have built with their incredible team for many more years to come.”

My, if the young Thunderbirds-watching Sir Peter Jackson had known back in the seventies what his attempts of re-making King Kong, using his own stop- motion models, had started! Sweeping the floors with our beards, we bow to his profound love and devotion for the magic of filmmaking, and hope with all our hearts for many new projects to come!

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