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DGA interviewed Peter Jackson: Fantastic Voyage

Jackson1DGA (Directors Guild of America) interviewed Peter Jackson about his brilliant career. They started from Jackson’s career beginning talking Bad Taste, his first movie, up to The Lord of the Rings and, obviously, The Hobbit. About the last one there is a specific Q&A on 48 frames per second format and Peter Jackson’s point of view. Here it is:

For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and the upcoming films in the trilogy, you’ve been a champion of the 48 frames per second format, which has received mixed reviews from some critics. Do you see technology changing the basic film-going experience?

Well, you have to differentiate between the response from critics and from the public. Critics went after it, mainly because it was so different and it wasn’t their perception of what film is. But the overwhelming response from audiences is that it was the best 3-D they’d ever seen. For the last hundred years we’ve been used to seeing film at 24 frames in a celluloid format. I’ve asked myself, ‘In a hundred years’ time, is film going to look like it does now?’ And I think the chances of that are incredibly small. Somewhere between now and the next hundred-year mark, people should be experimenting, using technology to push things forward, trying to break out. It’s obviously a very emotional question for some. There’s a look that some people associate with cinema that is obviously cherished. Do you preserve that? Or do you try to use technology to improve the audience experience? That’s what I’m interested in. I’ve got no great nostalgic desire to preserve the look of film. Anything we can do with ever-evolving technology to actually immerse people in the entertainment experience is something we should all be trying to do.


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