Art and Literature News / Tolkien News’s “The S.H.I.R.E Project” Aims to Promote Children’s Literacy via “The Hobbit”

The-SHIRE-ProjectCan you remember how old you were when you first read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? For most, if not all, of us, these stories changed our lives dramatically, no matter what age we began reading at; we can hardly imagine our lives without Tolkien’s influence.

But where schools are having a harder time getting funded nowadays, many children are now facing the risk of a Tolkien-less adolescence. Fortunately, has stepped up to the plate to help remedy this situation.

The website is currently accepting donations to help send copies of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit to schools as a way of encouraging literacy among children, an endeavour they’ve dubbed The S.H.I.R.E Project – Sharing the Hobbit to Improve REading.

For more information (or to make a donation), please visit TORn’s website.

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  1. I’m a Geography teacher in a Middle School and my pupils (11-13 year old children) read The Hobbit as a part of the syllabus. Every Friday we discuss the stretch relationship between Bilbo Baggins’ adventure and [the] Geography [of Middle-Earth]. Pretty cool experience by the way. : )

  2. I’m always in favor of promoting children’s literacy 🙂

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