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During the last March, the italian fansite visited a preview of Greisinger Museum, which will open in October 2013.

The Museum, located in Jenins (Switzerland), will host the Greisinger Middle-earth Collection, the biggest collection in the world of books, works and memorabilia about J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth. The very large collection, owned by Bernd Greisinger, includes, among the other things, more than 600 artworks of many artists and illustrators (Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith among the others) and more than 3000 books – included a very first edition of The Hobbit dated 1937 and a first edition of The Lord of the Rings signed in elvish by Tolkien himself. The Museum is sited in an underground space divided by many theme areas like Gondor, Moria, Rohan and Fangorn, thanks to the proficiency of the creative director and set designer Ivan Cavini.

The following video (in italian) shows the guided visit to the Museum still in realization, but between the minutes 1:01 and 5:20 there is an english interview to Bernd Greisinger.

Visit to see all the exclusive photos of the Greisinger Museum and take a look to for more informations.

Ultimately, stay tuned here, because our Staff Reporter Maria will be visiting Greisinger Museum in October!

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