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An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth


Dís is the mother of Fili and Kili, sister to Thorin, daughter of Thráin II, and granddaughter to Thror. In other words, she’s kind of a big deal and must have been one formidable lady. Though we probably won’t see her in The Hobbit films, we can enjoy this beautiful cosplay by Anouck (aka Throllinakenshield) that was created for Hobbit Con. She even did a photoshoot with her son, Kili! (Myla)

A collection of one of each of the first ten printings of the first and second editions of The Hobbit is for sale on eBay for almost £50,000. The seller, Festival Art and Books says it is “perhaps the most unique offering to Tolkien book collectors,” the result of five years “of painstaking effort to collect them all.” The seller doesn’t want to break up the set, so if you have the extra cash, it would make an amazing Hobbit Day gift for any Tolkien collector! (Evie Bowman)

We all know that it takes hours in the makeup chair to transform actors like Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, and Richard Armitage into our favorite Hobbit characters. Luckily, The Hobbit Transformation website shows us how actors turn into hobbits, wizards, and dwarves in just a few seconds! You’ll be amazed at some of the changes. (Alice)


Sarah Serinde embroidered this gorgeous version of Thror’s Map in 55 hours over the course of two months. It’s just under 14” x 11” and was donated to Desert Bus for Hope, which raises money for Child’s Play every November. It’s an extremely entertaining event, and has many, many awesome auctions and prizes donated by both crafters and companies. If you want to have this map for your very own AND help a good cause, keep an eye on their auctions in November 2013! (Myla)

Luthien’s Enclave offers a collection of fan based creative works inspired by Tolkien, be it digital artwork, creative writing, LOTRO screenshots, or music and video. It’s easy to feel transported to Middle-earth as you meander through gorgeous scenery and evocative language. “Not all who wonder are lost,” said Tolkien, though you may wish you could stay lost a little longer before returning to the real world. (Alice)

Filming on The Hobbit films may be completed, but that doesn’t mean enthusiasm for Wellington’s film industry is in danger of waning. Enterprise Miramar Peninsula is calling for the Wellington City Council to rename Weka Street, Weta Street. The group’s chairman, Allan Probert, says the change is an easy way to acknowledge the imprint Weta Workshop is making on the city. The council says it will have to run the idea past the likes of residents, emergency services, taxi companies and New Zealand Post, before councillors vote on it. (Arwen Kester)

In past installments of “An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth,” you may have seen mash-ups of The Lord of the Rings with My Little Pony, The Hunger Games, and contemporary films. Basically, we can’t get enough of them! We hope you enjoy this mash-up of LOTR and Power Rangers. (Maria)

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