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Help Raise Funds in LOTRO’s Bounder’s Bounty Event!

A new event has begun in Middle-earth!

The Bounder’s Bounty event is going on now and will last until the launch of LOTRO’s next expansion, Helm’s Deep, this fall.


This event is different from traditional festivals in that players can participate simply by logging into the game and playing as they normally would. While questing and defeating mobs, Bags of Bounder’s Tokens will drop occasionally; additionally, Hobbit Presents, Locked Loot Boxes, and festival quests will earn players more tokens.

Upon opening their first bag of tokens, players will be redirected to see Meg Proudfoot in Michel Delving, who will collect donations of Bounder’s Tokens (in stacks of 50 tokens). Near Meg, there will be two Bounder vendors, the Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor and the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor.

The former is a personal vendor, donations to whom will advance deeds to unlock access to more rewards. The latter vendor will only be unlocked when the server as a whole reaches the Bounder’s fund-raising goals; mousing over the statue will show a server’s progress.

Completion of the goal will allow the Bounders to upgrade the statue in Michel Delving. All players on the server will be rewarded with the Bounder’s Boon buff, which will last until Helm’s Deep launches. The Bounder’s Bounty Vendor will also offer a new premium War-steed and mount bundle, as well as some other exciting prizes!

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