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Limited Edition Hobbit Notebooks from Moleskine

Bilbo Baggins was an adventurous hobbit. Once his journey was over, he wrote down his story in the Red Book then passed it on to Frodo so he could write down his own tales.

Now you can write about your very own adventures within the pages of the new Limited Edition Hobbit notebooks from the official Moleskine Store. Moleskine journals are famously known around the world to be the traveling companions of artists, thinkers, and authors alike.

The release of the Moleskine Hobbit Limited Edition collection marks a special occasion: the second installment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy is due to hit theatres this December.

The notebooks are finely crafted with sturdy black covers. On the front cover, a metallic red Smaug is stamped along with a debossed image of the landscape. The spine is marked with a ‘JRRT’ monogram, while detaching the paperband reveals a message from Bilbo Baggins himself. Upon opening this handsome notebook, one will find replicas of Tolkien’s original illustrations from the first edition of The Hobbit printed on the inside cover. For the first time ever, drawings are printed upon various pages within the journal as well.

Check out the amazing promotional video from Moleskine’s website:


These Limited Edition Hobbit notebooks are for sale from $16.95 and up. They can be ordered from the official Moleskine Store: MoleksineEurope & MoleskineUS.

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