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Photos From The Hobbit Set

ianmckellen2Maybe some of you already knew the existence of an official Instagram profile of Sir Ian McKellen. Well, I didn’t know that, until few minutes ago, when I stumbled upon a photo of Aidan Turner “in the hills above Seatoun” during The Hobbit filming.



There is also another gorgeous photo that doesn’t need words… (Click on the photos to see them larger)ianmckellen1





Well, it seems we should keep an eye on this profile during the next months, maybe he’ll share more photos from the set and the premieres.




You can follow Sir Ian McKellen on the main social media like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram or visit his website

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One Comment

  1. Unless I’m very much mistaken, behind Aidan, to the left of his head, should be the site of the Village of Bree from LOTR (not visible in this photo though). It’s now a primary school.

    – Jack

    PS – and incidentally, if that is correct, then the unofficial Wellington nudist Beach is over the hills at the top of that photo. But that’s not important). 😉