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Lego Peter Jackson: Pirate of Umbar

photo (20)As I’ve written about in the past, my son receives Lego Magazine each month in the mail. This month’s addition arrived today, and low and behold, there was a new ad for their latest The Lord of the Rings set, “Pirate Ship Ambush“.

As I my mind was busy preparing all kinds of excuses for my son’s “need” to have the set, I spotted a very familiar character. It was Peter Jackson as he appeared in The Return of the King as a Corsair pirate!

After a little research on Lego’s website, I found the set, as well as a wonderful video showcasing the set by it’s designer. It also happened to mention Jackson’s character, only they labeled him as a “Pirate of Umbar”.


So there you have it folks, Peter Jackson as a Lego dude. How can you not buy the set??

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