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LOTRO Offers New Expansion Quad Pack

lotro quad packWith LOTRO’s next expansion, Helm’s Deep, on its way, many players (myself included) are scrambling to get their heroes ready for the next great battle. If you’re seeking new content and find yourself behind on your expansions, you’re in luck! A new expansion quad pack – a digital download featuring LOTRO’s previous expansion packs – is now available in the LOTRO Market for $39.99.


Mines of Moria

The Mines of Moria expansion pack includes:

  • Over 350 quests for players level 50 – 60
  • Seven full fellowship instances (including The Forges of Khazad-dum and The Forgotten Treasury)
  • Two 12-person raids


Siege of Mirkwood

The Siege of Mirkwood expansion pack includes:

  • 150 quests for players level 60 – 65
  • Three 3-person instances, located in Dol Guldur
  • One full fellowship instance (Sammath Gul)
  • One 12-person raid (Barad Guldur)


Rise of Isengard

The Rise of Isengard expansion pack includes:

  • Over 375 quests for players level 65 – 75
  • Three 3-person instances
  • One full fellowship instance
  • One 12-person instance (The Tower of Orthanc)
  • One 12-person raid (Draigoch’s Lair)


Riders of Rohan

The Riders of Rohan expansion pack includes:

  • Hundreds of new quests for players level 75-85
  • A new landscape nearly three times the size of Moria
  • Mounted combat and customisable war-steed armour
  • An exclusive Rohirrim mount and in-game title
  • Witness key events from The Lord of the Rings, such as the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen


To purchase the quad pack or individual expansion packs, visit the LOTRO Market:

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