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LOTRO’s Farmer’s Faire is Now Live!

This year’s Farmer’s Faire is now live! Make your way over to Bywater to begin questing and deeding!

Upon logging into the game, players will receive the auto-bestowed quest “An Invitation to the Farmer’s Faire,” which will transport them to Bywater upon accepting. Turning in your first quest will earn you Farmer’s Faire tokens (the currency used to barter for cosmetics and other goodies) and a bag of Bounder’s Bounty tokens. Complete lots of quests to earn enough tokens to barter for some cosmetic outfits or a new steed (if you missed it during the Summer Festival, the Summerfest steed is available for a single token!). LOTRO player Hymne offers some nice previews of the new (and previous year’s) cosmetic outfits on her blog, CosmeticLOTRO.

This year’s festival runs from now until September 19 – so get out there and gather supplies, catch some fish, and have fun!


For players new to the Farmer’s Faire, an in-depth guide can be found at Casually Strolling Through MMOs.

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  1. I’ll read the ENTIRE guide. Promise. 😀

    • Let me know once you get the Summerfest steed! Then we can get you enough tokens to get one of the more expensive ones, too! It’s always good to have options when it comes to horses 😀