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The Hobbit Panel 1 At Dragon Con

Missed The Hobbit Panels at Dragon Con?  Catch up with some great questions and answers with these You Tube vids posted by kuailongkit·

Here’s Panel 1 with guests Graham McTavish, William Kircher and Manu Bennett.

One treat is hearing that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey extended edition will contain parts of the actor’s auditions for the films.

The Hobbit Panel 1 Part1  How the actors heard they’d been cast

The Hobbit Panel 1 Part2 Includes Azog’s relationship with his warg (isn’t Manu Bennett funny?)

The Hobbit Panel1 Part3  Souvenirs

The Hobbit Panel1 Part4 Animated Hobbit

The Hobbit Panel1 Part5 Orc Fans

The Hobbit Panel1 Part6 Going back for extra filming

The Hobbit Panel1 Part7 Mistakes,Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen

The Hobbit Panel1 Part8 Favourite scenes


The Hobbit Panel2 will follow.

Many thanks to  kuailongkit for sharing these.















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