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BREAKING: Kiran Shah co-produces HOBBIT parody film



SOUTH BEND, IN – The award-winning filmmakers behind ‘The Dork of the Rings’ and ‘Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise’ just wrapped principle photography on their latest feature film parody THE THROBBIT.

Richardson Productions’ director Tim Richardson and producer Michael Kouroubetes penned the script along with actor David Boyer, based on the internationally successful Hobbit franchise. “After doing ‘Dork’ it was only natural to spoof ‘The Hobbit.” And like Peter Jackson, nine years later we brought back many of our actors to reprise their roles.”

This includes ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ performer Kiran Shah, who did an introduction for ‘Dork’ and who will have a cameo in ‘The Throbbit.’ He portrays the Goblin Scribe in the original film and is the stunt and scale double for the hobbits, including Frodo and Bilbo. Additionally, he has joined the parody film as an Associate Producer.” He has appears in numerous Hollywood productions including ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’, ‘Legend’, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” and ‘Harry Potter.” He also starred in ‘Harvey Putter’ as Dumpy the Houseschmuck.

The story revolves around seven Dweebs, who are computer nerd dwarves, who recruit the highly anxious throbbit Bobo Buggins via Randolf the Wizard to go on a quest to reclaim their stolen technology in the Silicon Mountain. Bryce Cone stars as Bobo, and this marks his twentieth year acting in a Richardson Production. “Tim has a way of really sinking his teeth into people and bringing them back. It’s always a lot of fun, especially since I’m a huge fan of Tolkien.”

The production raised most of it’s budget last spring through their own Throbstarter campaign, based off of the Kickstarter model. Kouroubetes says, “This method allowed us to not only reach our goal, but keep more of the funds raised directly for the production. We were also able to do another short follow up fundraiser to complete the film. The fan support for the project has been incredible.”

Fans, however, will need to be patient for it’s release. “Just like all our films, we have a volunteer cast and crew,” says Richardson. “It will take a while to create all the visual effects, score, sound editing, and marketing materials.” An expected date for the film to be unleashed on the masses is Summer 2015 and it will screen at film festivals and conventions, and will be available on DVD through their at website Fans may even pre-order signed copies of the film right now.

“We are avid fans of the original books and films and it’s a lot of fun, and hard work, parodying our favorite scenes and characters. We have a warped sense of humor, but ultimately have a terrific amount of respect for Tolkien’s masterpieces and what Peter Jackson has done with the films.”

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