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Full Length Smaug Seen In HFR 3D

Smaug_marqueeThe trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug had its first showing in HFR 3D at the IBC Awards in Amsterdam last weekend. And it included the first full body shot of Smaug!

Adrian Pennington from 3DFocus was at the IBC Awards and reports that, “ The trailer … looked pristine, and to this viewer had none of the ‘video’ quality which was a common criticism of the first installment.” 

Included in the trailer were some battle scenes of which Pennington says, “The effect of the high frame rate, which is twice the conventional rate, is to allow Jackson to move the camera freely, giving a real sense of the chaos of battle in the climactic scenes”

But the evening wasn’t just about the trailer. Peter Jackson was awarded the IBC International Honour for Excellence at the IBC Awards ceremony and Park Road Post Production won the Innovation Award for Content Creation for its work on The Hobbit. Peter was unable to attend the event but, in a pre-recorded speech, said,

Sometimes people don’t regard imagination and technology as being one and the same, supporting each other. In the case of the film industry – and particularly the films I make – I cannot exercise my imagination without the support of technology.

“This is a great time to be a film-maker. Just about anything you imagine can be put on screen today. The amount of freedom I have is absolutely incredible. That is due to all the wonderful technology companies and the innovators out there who keep pushing the boundaries. There is going to be innovation in the entertainment business that we cannot even dream about today.”

Many congratulations to Peter and to Park Road Post Production.

We’re all waiting to see the full-length Smaug now!

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