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Meet the News Team During our LIVE Hobbit Day Webcast!

In case you couldn’t tell, the staff here at Middle-earth News are a bit passionate about Tolkien. Alright, we’re downright crazed fans! Either way, we are very excited about this year’s Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week, not to mention Feast Week, which all kick off tomorrow, September 22.


To celebrate, we will be broadcasting LIVE on our Youtube Channel from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. We’ll be talking about how we were first introduced to Tolkien’s work and what inspired us to take part in Middle-earth News. PLUS we’ll be dishing out our favoritest of Hobbity things, be they collectibles to clothing or gardening to scrumptious recipes!

It’s a webcast chock full of Hobbity goodness, so don’t miss out. Join us and meet the crazed fans behind Middle-earth News!

NOTE: We are currently running our My Own Shire Photo Contest. Do you consider yourself a Hobbit? Send us your photo and you could win some seriously awesome Hobbit swag! We’re talking Smaug bags, hand-crafted Hobbit-inspired mugs, Hobbit door necklaces, Jemima Catlin’s illustrated The Hobbit, and so much more! For more info, CLICK HERE.

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