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Helm’s Deep Beta Key Giveaway

With the next LOTRO expansion coming out on November 18, the gamers at Middle-earth News want to know: are you ready for Helm’s Deep?

We’ve got some beta keys to give away this weekend – enter now for a chance to win!

Enter via Twitter:

  • Tweet us a photo of your character. We’ll randomly select 25 entries.
  • Please ensure that you are following us on Twitter so we can send codes via Direct Message.

Enter via Facebook: 

  • Share a photo of your character on our Facebook page. We’ll randomly select 25 more entries.
  • Please ensure that your privacy settings allow us to message you if you’ve won.


  • There are no guidelines for submissions (just keep it family-friendly, please; we’d like to feature all entries on our site to show off our battle-ready followers!).
  • You can submit a photo of your character performing a favourite emote, riding their favourite steed, enjoying their favourite spot in Middle-earth – anything you choose, provided your character is in view!
  • Please submit only one photo. Multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning.
  • Keep in mind that the beta is still under NDA; we will not specifically mention winners on our sites, nor should you disclose the fact that you’ve won a code in any public forums.

The contest will end on Monday, September 30 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck! We look forward to seeing your screenshots!


Britta’s captain, Beornara, is eager for Helm’s Deep!

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