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“My Own Shire” Photo Contest Winners!

Middle-earth News is proud to announce the winners of our “My Own Shire” photo contest!

We had a huge response this year and would like to thank each and every person who submitted their beautiful photos. It’s incredible to see how everyone can interpret their own Shire and find the beauty of Tolkien in their daily lives. Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Now for the winners:

Most Beautiful Scenery: “Autumn in the Woods” by Kai S.


A Garden to Make Sam Proud: “Garden Path” by Jennie M.


Best Cosplay: “Sam and Rosie” by Jim W.


Coziest: “Weathering the Storm” by Erika C.


Best Food: “Bag End Baugettes” by Carrie B.


An honorable mention goes to “Bread-beard the Dwarf” by Scott B – this photo brought a lot of smiles to our team, so thank you Scott!



Thank you again to everyone who participated! You can view the other gorgeous submissions here.

We hope that you had a wonderful Feast Week and that you continue to find the simple joys of the Shire in your day-to-day life. May the hair on your toes never fall out!

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  1. Best. Cosplay. And also a lot in love with the garden!! Congrats winners!! 😀

  2. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos – they were AMAZING! Also, I’m now extremely jealous of all those who live in such beautiful places. When can I come visit?!


  3. Congratulations to all the other winners! Beautiful photos! I can’t believe I won for the garden category, I never win anything! lol 🙂

  4. I loved everything everyone shared! Congrats to the winners! what a fantastic contest!

  5. Nick loved the “award!” Thank you, again, for making things like this possible and for making a little boy and his old man smile.