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Ever see those photos floating around on the web of an origami Nazgul? Jason Ku, the original creator of the 7.3 origami Nazgul model, as changed up his method a bit and has now released version 8.1. This newly improved model was showcased in the Origami Tanteidan Magazine, issue #129. Step by step photos can be found HERE. (Alice Greenleaf)

If you’ve ever attended San Diego Comic Con, then you know just how crowded it can be. Apparently, things are getting a bit too crowded and now the idea has been proposed to expand the convention center. With the City Council already approving the plan, the 130,000 people who attend SDCC might get a bit more breathing space come the near future. (Lily Milos)

Summer may be at an end here in the States, but it’s just about to start in other parts around the world. Why not enjoy those warm breezes in a White Tree of Gondor Tank Top? (Alice Greenleaf)

WANT! We loooove the new Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Leather Cuffs from Weta Workshop! With the “Scrolls of Rohan”, “Vines of Hobbiton”, and “Dwarven Decoration” designs to choose from, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to buy them all. Which is your favorite? (Anastasia Green)


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