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Year 2941 – The Hobbit

October 14

  • The camp is moved to the western valley

October 17

  • The Company searches for the Hidden Door

October 18

  • Bilbo, Fili and Kili find the Hidden Door

But at last unexpectedly they found what they were seeking. Fili and Kili and the hobbit went back one day down the valley and scrambled among the tumbled rocks at its southern corner. About midday, creeping behind a great stone that stood alone like a pillar, Bilbo came on what looked like rough steps going upwards. Following these excitedly he and the dwarves found traces of a narrow track, often lost, often rediscovered, that wandered on to the top of the southern ridge and brought them at last to a still narrower ledge, which turned north across the face of the Mountain. Looking down they saw that they were at the top of the cliff at the valley’s head and were gazing down on to their own camp below. Silently, clinging to the rocky wall on their right, they went in single file along the ledge, till the wall opened and they turned into a little steep-walled bay, grassy-floored, still and quiet. Its entrance which they had found could not be seen from below because of the overhang of the cliff, nor from further off because it was so small that it looked like a dark crack and no more. It was not a cave and was open to the sky above; but at its inner end a flat wall rose up that in the lower I part, close to the ground, was as smooth and upright as mason’s work, but without a joint or crevice to be seen.

[The Hobbit, Chapter 11: On the Doorstep]

October 19

  • The camp is moved to the hidden bay

October 20

  • Bilbo and the Dwarves sit around and begin to think of what to do next at the Hidden Door


Year 3018 – The Lord of the Rings

October 15

  • Strider and the Hobbits struggle on through the Wild

October 16

  • Glorfindel marks where Strider and the hobbits returned to the road and made for the bridge

October 18

  • Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk
  • Gandalf reaches Rivendell

October 20

  • Escape across the Ford of Bruinen
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