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Happy Birthday to Jed Brophy!

Happy birthday to Kiwi actor and director, Jed Brophy, who has turned 50!

You know Jed not only as Nori the dwarf from The Hobbit trilogy, but as an orc, one of the Nazgûl, a man of Rohan, an elf… the list goes on. He is truly a man of many talents! Aside from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Jed has appeared in other works by Peter Jackson such as Heavenly Creatures, Braindead and King Kong.

In an interview I did with Jed earlier this year, he talked about his reaction to being cast as Nori, what it was like to play so many different roles in The Lord of the Rings films, what he loves most about fantasy and much more! You can read the entire interview here.

He has two sons, Riley and Sadwyn, the latter you may remember as Eldarion from The Return of the King. Jed is entering the world of theatre again, this time with his eldest son in a play called Unseasonable Fall of Snow.

Jed will be appearing in the next two Hobbit films and is in a fantasy series titled The Minister of Chance. “I play a character called the Pilot who can transport people to places usually unreachable. Even between planets. Possibly between time. He is not entirely human.” You can learn more about the project on their official website.

He’s attended many conventions and from what I’ve seen, he always seems ready to make time for the fans. From everyone at Middle-earth News, happy birthday Jed Brophy! Don’t chip too many glasses!

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