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EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY – New Hobbiton Props Shop Creates Handmade Collectibles for Fans

**This giveaway is now over. Congratulations to the winner, Harry!**


Maybe it’s because I’m an obsessed tea lover, but since The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring film came out, I’ve always coveted Bilbo’s tea pot. It is precious to me, and though I searched high and low for a place to purchase it, I was unable to locate a seller. Well, I’m happy to report that search has now ended with the newly arrived Hobbiton Props shop.

While some of their merchandise offered is licensed and can be found elsewhere, other products have been handcrafted by artists and are sold exclusively through their site, such as their Dorwinion Wine Bottle, Numenor Map, Claw of Smaug, and let’s not forget, Bilbo Baggins’ Tea Pot.

Bilbo Baggins’ Tea Pot

“Hobbiton Props is the union of a few artisans to create prop replicas for their own collection. We are LOTR and The Hobbit films lovers,” replied store representative Alejandro, when I asked about their site. “We are all connected to the same thing–our passion for Middle-earth and for creating replicas of the objects we like.”

While Alejandro admits to being a fan, his love for Tolkien’s books and the films runs deep. “The films are a dream come true. To be able to enjoy Tolkien’s books on the big screen, seeing The Shire recreated, the Hobbits habits, the greatness of Minas Tirith… We hope that when all The Hobbit films are done, other projects will emerge, other movies, tv shows….”

Dorwinion Wine Bottle

That love for Tolkien helped spur on the idea of creating Hobbiton Props as an online shop. “[We wanted] to make it easier for a lot of people to be able to buy replicas we make,” said Alejandro. “Who wouldn’t want to have Bilbo Baggins’ tea service? Now it’s possible, because we don’t want to create objects only for ourselves; we also want to share it with the rest of the world.”

“Every artisan makes the replicas in their house. We are not professionals,” Alejandro admitted. “We do it all for the sake of the love we have for Tolkien’s work. We decided to create the website to provide to all the users the prop replicas we make. We all are users of collecting forums and we met there, helping each other.”

Numenor Map

Like what you see? Hobbiton Props will be giving away their Floor Plan of Bag End print away to one lucky fan. Simply leave a comment below telling us what your favorite prop in their collection is.  Be creative with your comment; the most entertaining will win! The contest starts today and runs until November 26, 2013, at midnight EST, with the winner being announced November 27, 2013.

Floor Plan of Bag End


To view more prop awesomeness or for more information, visit You can also follow Hobbiton Props on Facebook.

Good luck and happy prop browsing!

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  1. Gwendolyn Mayfield says:

    My favorite item is the Faramir’s Shield! Love the details in this item!

  2. My favorite is the map of bag end. Which I will carefully and beautifully display in a custom frame and white matte. And then I will surprisingly hang it in my sons room and tell him it was a gift from when they sold everything out of bag end. Hes 10 and wont fall for it but we are both huggggeee fans and watched the trilogy over 30 times together and the hobbit at least 10 and played alot of lotro!!!

  3. The Dorwinion Wine Bottle! I like the detail on the tag….Wait no! I love the Numenor Map because of the colours….No…THE FLOOR PLAN OF BAGEND! That is a really interesting collectible! I’ve never seen something like it, wouldn’t mind sticking that on my wall ;D

  4. J’aime le Tea Pot. Porquoi? Parce-que it should be an anachronism au Middle-earth. Tea did not reach le Nord-ouest of the Old World until les marins Portugais brought it back from en Chine in the late 16th Century.

    L’Europe n’avais pas de thé in the pre-Rennaissance era.

    Therefore, the likelihood of the pre-historic/legendary Land of the Halflings having the abilité not only to have access to the trade routes of the Far East but also importing tea in sufficient quantities to make it an economically viable drink for the middle-classes (such as the Bagginses) is nothing less than miraculous.

    I want to share in the miracle. Je voudrais le tea pot.

  5. My favorite is the Elvish Numenor map. I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Numenor and curious about what it was like. The Elvish just makes it all that much more intriguing to look at since the Numenoreans interacted so much with the elves.

  6. My favorite replica is the Floor Plan of Bag End. Having it would be useful in avoiding the Sackville-Baggins when they come calling. And when I’m finished, I just give it a tap and say, “mischief managed.” Er, wait…this isn’t Hogwarts.

  7. Charlynn Fields says:

    I have a great love towards Bilbo’s teapot. When I was little I would have tea with my Gramma on Sunday after church. She called it Cambric tea. (warm water with a touch of Evaporated Milk and 1/4 tsp of sugar) and that was our special time. She continued that tradition with all 3 of my sisters and my daughters too. I hope she’s now 92 and I hope she’ll still be around to have a cup with my granddaughter. It was also cute as a button when Oin plays it during “crack the plates” in the movie.

  8. The FLOOR PLAN OF BAG END is my favorite. This would really come in handy if I was able to (or my wife allowed me to) construct a Hobbit-like cottage.

  9. I love the Bag End floor plan since my heart lies with the little people and Bag End has such a unique life of its own in Tolkien’s work.

  10. It has to be the map of Bag End! How else am I supposed to find that hidden treasure that’s in there?! Oh, and the silverware!

    Lots of love,

    The Sackville Baggins!

  11. Sydney Duprey says:

    I love Bilbo’s teapot (who doesn’t need another teapot, really, especially if you’re having and unexpected party!) and Smaug’s claw. Holy cow, I want that claw. Hang it overt woodstove and forever bragging rights is what it is. “Oh that? That’s a claw from Smaug the Terrible. My buddy Bilbo gave it to me for safekeeping…want some tea out of his tea service as well?” (Or maybe I’ll just sound like a thief…)

  12. Eowyn’s Shield is unbelievable! But, much like old Bilbo, I’m a map-lover. The map of the the East Farthing is by far my favorite item in the shop (but, who am I kidding? I’d take one of everything if I could!) I love that it looks like it was taken right off of Bilbo’s cluttered desk. Masterfully made!

  13. The Numenor Map, bringing back memories of faces and voices, landscapes and cities. I would wander in those forgotten lands, pay homage to Nimloth and enjoy the colors, sounds and shapes before the downfall.
    Then I would wake up and see this map hanged on the wall in front of my bed. And start remembering again.

  14. Boldi Rebeka says:

    One does not simply choose one prop only 😀 I love them all! Okay, if I have to choose one (because otherwise you would push me into Mount Doom), I would pick Bilbo Baggins’ Tea Pot. I would like to brew some deliccccioous, juicy tea with this wicked teapot, my precious.

  15. jennifer Sanchez says:

    I would like the tea pot, it would match the one my mother gave me perfectly !

  16. This is a really hard task, but my favourite one is the Thror’s map. I always wished to have that one, while i was reading the story of Bilbo. But anyway i must say they all are MAGNIFICENT! If I only could have them all…

  17. I almost forgot!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Good luck everyone!

  18. I’d have to say my favorite is Thror’s Map! This would be extremely useful for my journey to reclaim my homeland and slay a dragon with my small company of twelve and a Hobbit.

  19. The map of Númenor. I recently read The Lost Road story fragment in the History of Middle Earth series, and can imagine being transported in time and space to the land of gift.

    The drawings and calligraphy are very well done, I might add.

  20. The East Farthing Map. Some how it always feels like home. Like I’ve been there and back again.

  21. I love Bilbo Baggins’ Tea Pot! I want to keep it as a family heirloom treasure for generations to come and future scholars!

  22. I simply love that tea pot! Can easily see myself using it in an elaborate breakfast menu, and then for elevensies, and then luncheon, and then afternoon tea, and then dinner, and then supper… So much food, so much tea!

  23. Holy mother of Eru!!
    I love The Bilbo Baggins’s Tea Pot and The Floor Plan of Bag End.
    Like any other hobbits, I love food, drink, and party! So I’ll need that tea pot. That beautiful thing. Precious~
    And I always dream that someday I’ll make my dream house based on Bilbo’s hobbit hole. This floor plan is .. perfect!
    The next thing to do is to find a perfect hill to built it. Somewhere in middle earth. Somewhere in Hobbiton.

  24. Love that map of the FLoor Plan of Bag End! With it, I can create my own Bag End!!!!!

  25. My favorite is Bilbo’s Teapot! I drink tea at least 12 times in a day! I love tea and I love teapots!

  26. I love the Claw of Smaug. Never seen anything so useful!

    What to use for, you ask? Well, I suppose everyone has had an itching back before. Now just imagine, you’d possess a claw like this! Wouldn’t that solve all your problems??

  27. My favorite has to be the Dorwinion Wine Bottle! I’m seriously considering purchasing one now so that I could reenact the scene from Unexpected Journey with Dori and Gandalf.Except I would play Gandalf too and just hand myself some more wine…”It has a nice fruity bouquet…”! 😉
    P.S. I wish I could upload a pic, because I even have a photo of myself made up as Dori, so this scenario could actually work out.

    Good luck to all, and bravo to the folks at Hobbiton Props, what an amazing collection!!

  28. My favorite is the wooden sword from Bilbo as a little child. I absolutely love it, because when I was young I always wanted to play whith handmade swords, shields and powerfull staffs here in The Netherlands. I pretended like I was a brave man in a big wide world full of dangerous dragons and mysterious wizards. My mission was to find the wizard, ask him to give his most powerfull staff to me and let me kill the dragon who was living in my basement. But unfortunately I didn’t find the wizard, couldn’t make a good weapon by myself, and were never capable of killing the dragon. So all I needed was this little sword wich you can buy on the internet now within a few minutes. With this sword I could search for the wizard, and I could have attacked the dragon with this sword at least. And when I’ll have kids later I will buy at least one of these swords and let them do what I never could: Go on a journey, find the wizard and kill the dragon with the wooden sword and the wizard his weapon. (And maybe I’ll buy one for myself too, so that I can help him fighting the basement dragon when he can’t take it anymore.) And if he will kill the dragon, I’ll give him the map of Bag End (if I’ll hopefully win it) and tell him that his new adventure will be the searching for the house from the map, The searching for Bag End! We’re going on an adventure!

  29. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. The map just looks amazing.
    I love Bilbos Tea pot. It’s gorgeous and everyone needs a tea pot like that on cold winter days, when you just wanna snuggle up inside and be left alone by nosy neighbours and annoying relatives who wanna steal your gold – Hobbit style 🙂

  30. So far I like every thing I see! I’m obsessed with every thing Hobbit-y. I’m starting the tradition with my son to have a Hobbit day celebration on Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. My dream would be to live in a Bag End like dweling! How awesome and cozy are Hobbit holes am I right? I’m thinking now, how can I make Thanksgiving more Hobbit-y? Lol

  31. Gandalf’s pipe seems quite appealing, I must say. And no, not because smoking is appealing to me. But perhaps, I can be inspired to do the awesomely magical smoke-rings that Gandalf can do. Or perhaps, be the life of the party and have legendary fireworks! Or perhaps, I can be inspired to go lead a company of dwarves and one hobbit on quite the unexpected adventure! …I can keep going on and on because Gandalf is amazing, but I will stop now.

  32. My favourite item is Bilbo’s tea pot. It’s so cute and authentic. This beautifully crafted masterpiece takes you to another world and its shape and design just look aesthetic.
    But actually all of these selected pieces are gifted with their own sense of beauty, so thanks to all the creators!!

  33. I a man amateur prop builder and collector. The only reason I do this is to one day, go to Minas Tirith and can make my own living selling awesome stuff to the Gondorian people. I can use the Numenorean map and compare it to the ones they have to see if it’s accurate. Or I could get the map of bagend and the tea pot and a pipe in order to have Bilbo tell me stories of old. I love all the items and can decide, so send me anything because I have plans for any item.

  34. Hello fellow Dwarves and Men. When it comes to choosing Hobbit props, picking a favorite is like choosing your favorite pipe weed from the Southfarthing…it is nearly impossible. But, If I had to choose, I would pick the map of Bag End. Then, I could go hunting for Bilbo’s share of the troll hoard, that I just know he has been keeping secret from all of us! I’ll take it, even if it does still reek of troll.

  35. My favourite item is the floor plan of Bag End. I’d frame it and give it to my daughter who loves the hobbit. She is a really good artist and would love the detail in it.

  36. I’d like Bilbo Baggins’ Tea Pot. I consider myself a hobbit and this item would look good on my table while I sit by myself and drink hot heavenly tea, because I, like every other hobbit, dislike having guests over.
    But I do fancy tea and nice tea pots.

  37. June Sanimarco says:

    I love the tea pot. Although Benjamin Franklin extolled beer’s being made by God, I feel tea comes in a close second. So many flavors and types….Bilbo’s teapot would help steep many a fine afternoon. (Also– it will look great next to my Doctor Who and Mrs. Potts teapots)

  38. Although the Dorwinian wine bottle is empty its one of my fave props. Every time I drink wine I can use this bottle while chillaxin out to lotr films or the hobbit film. The only thing is ill look like an orc the next day but i can say that’s what middle earth mead does to you haha

  39. I’d like the claw as my favourite. Must make a good back-scratcher.

  40. Well I love maps – they transport your mind and imagination into thoughts of what could be…
    But I would most use and most love the tea pot! Use of the tea pot on a typical day may look something like this –
    First Breakfast
    A breakfast tea with some eggs, sizzling bacon, grilled buttery mushrooms and a couple slices of thick toast.
    Second Breakfast
    A stronger tea with some freshly picked blackberries and clotted cream.
    A nice sweet milky tea with some honey cakes.
    A round flavoured tea with some sizzling pork sausages, potato mash and onions.
    Afternoon tea
    A nice fruity flavoured tea with some seed cakes, buttery scones, jam and more clotted cream.
    A robust smokey tea with a nice hearty stew – coney perhaps! With some herbs, po-ta-toes and a sweet follow up with a nice blackberry tart (oh, and more clotted cream).
    And finally for the night
    A nice peppermint tea to ensure a soothed tummy with some toast and jam or maybe a serve of buttered mushrooms again!

    The tea pot would be central to entertaining other friends and family – enhancing our gatherings and swapping of tales, poetry and songs.
    It would however, be placed in the back of a locked cupboard in the event of a visit from any Sackville-Bagginses!

  41. Philip Smith says:

    I like the miniature teapot. It would remind me of hours spent in the company of my Aunt Marjorie, who looked very much like a small teapot.

  42. I love maps of all kinds, so the Numenor map and the Floor Plan really catches my eye. There is something about maps that makes things feel more real. I cannot describe it, but I sure would love to decorate my home with all sorts of maps of real and fictional places.

  43. The bag end floor plan because I will be able to use it to build my own bag end aha just need some money first, also because despite it not always being the most exciting place in the films, it’s still my favourite