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‘Rise of the Fellowship’ DVD Coming December 3

Rise of the FellowshipOur good friend, Ron Newcomb, happens to be the Producer and Director of the soon to be released fan film, Rise of the Fellowship. The story follows Randal Dooley who embarks on a quest to win a Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) gaming contest in Orlando, Florida. During his journey he meets other gamers and companions, forming a tight fellowship. The film is chock full of Tolkien book and movie references, as well as some LOTRO gamers will appreciate.

In an interview with The Entertainment Corner, Ron stated, “…it’s a fun coming of age adventure story, and you do not have to have any background or knowledge of Tolkien or the LOTR films. But, if you are those fans, you’ll get some of the inside jokes that are like the chocolate chips in a cookie. Not needed, but oh so good when you find one. … We made the film for fans like us. [A] film we wanted to see.”

While the Rise of the Fellowship DVD is now available for pre-order on Amazon, it will make it’s store debut at your local Walmart and on iTunes and Video on Demand (VOD) December 3, 2013.

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One Comment

  1. Despite having spent somewhere around 3 years on playing Lord of the Rings Online and about 27 years of playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, then this movie wasn’t really all that exciting.

    There were some nice moments here and there, but in overall, there wasn’t much enjoyable material to be found in “Rise of the Fellowship”, despite all the references to the Lord of the Rings and also with all the outtakes from Lord of the Rings Online.

    The storyline was predictable and basically just trotted ahead in a fairly slow and monotone pace, which really never enthrall or captivates the audience. There weren’t any overall coherency in the build up of anything really, nothing lead up to anything climatic, and you knew exactly how the movie would end right from the very beginning.

    The acting in the movie was one of the stronger aspects to the movie, as people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles, and thumbs up for that, because they had very little script-wise to work with.

    I am sure that there are some fans out there who will find some kind of amusement and entertainment in this movie. However, I didn’t really find much of anything in the movie, aside from some good chuckles and memories from back in the day when I spent countless hours playing Lord of the Rings Online. This movie, however, didn’t really do anything for me.

    If you are a gamer then your money is better spent on the movie “Zero Charisma”.