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Year 2941 – The Hobbit

November 12

  • Elves and Lake-men depart Dale and seek treasure and recompense

[…] all the men of arms who were still able, and the most of the Elvenking’s array, got ready to march north to the Mountain. It was thus that in eleven days from the ruin of the town the head of their host passed the rock-gates at the end of the lake and came into the desolate lands.

[The Hobbit, Chapter 14: Fire and Water]

November 16

  • The joint forces reach Dale at dusk

November 17

  • The men of Lake-town and Elves of Mirkwood reach the Lonely Mountain

That night the dwarves slept little. The morning was still pale when they saw a company approaching. From behind their wall they watched them come up to the valley’s head and climb slowly up. Before long they could see that both men of the lake armed as if for war and elvish bowmen were among them. At length the foremost of these climbed the tumbled rocks and appeared at the top of the falls; and very great was their surprise to see the pool before them and the Gate blocked with a wall of new-hewn stone.

[The Hobbit, Chapter 14: Fire and Water]

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