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Air New Zealand Gets 2nd ‘Hobbit’ Plane

Air New Zealand confirmed that another Boeing 777-300 will be decked-out with a large Hobbit-themed decal for the much anticipated release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Once the artwork is applied, the plane will fly to Los Angeles for the World Premiere of the film on December 2, 2013.

Hobbit Plane marquee

The first Hobbit plane has won several awards, and at 830 square metres, the digitally printed picture of Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves on an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 is the largest graphic in the world ever to be applied to an aircraft. Will they Air New Zealand outdo themselves with this second plane?

Any guesses on what this new plane will look like? Who (or what) are you hoping to see fly to 30,000 feet?

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