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The Harvard Lampoon Parodies ‘The Hobbit’

It is said that when you mock something, it’s because you love it. In that case, Tolkien’s Middle-earth has seen a lot of love in the past already. In the recent past, a vast amount of parodies such as The Soddit or The Sellamillion, both written by Adam Roberts, brought a smile on Tolkien fans with their unique interpretation of Middle-earth. Now there is another parody coming up.

The Wobbit: A Parody

On November 26th a Hobbit parody called The Wobbit, written by The Harvard Lampoon, will be released:

When Aaron Sorkinshield and his band of Little People embark on a totally feasible quest to reclaim the hoard of Academy Awards stolen from them by the lonely Puff the Magic Dragon, senile wizard Dumbledalf suggests an unlikely and completely unqualified accomplice: Billy Bagboy, an unassuming wobbit dwelling in terrorist-riddled Wobbottabad.

You may have encountered  The Harvard Lampoon, a comedic writing group, already. The classic Lord of the Rings parody Bored of the Rings is one among many other parodies already written by The Harvard  Lampoon.

Personally, I’m a lover of fan parodies, whether written, painted or cosplay parodies. Do you have any favorite parodies, maybe a lesser known parody you can recommend?

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  1. Maria-

    In May of 2011, I published a Hobbit parody titled The Wobbit A Parody. It was traditionally published in German, Russian and Turkish. Please contact me so I can get you a reviewer’s copy (in English). I want Tolkien fans to be able to compare my book to The Harvard Lampoon’s.