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Aidan Turner will not be at the Zurich Premiere of ‘The Hobbit’ – Latest update confirms he will be

kili fili

Updated 5 December 2013 :  Warner Brothers Zurich confirm that Aidan Turner WILL be attending the Zurich Premeiere along with Dean O’Gorman and Sylvester McCoy.

Aidan Turner, who plays the dwarf Kili in The Hobbit trilogy, is unable to attend the Swiss premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on 10 December, 2013.

Aidan was due to be a guest at the premiere along with Dean O’Gorman (Fili). Dean will still be attending and will be joined by the lovely Sylvester McCoy, who plays the wizard Radagast the Brown in the films.

Warner Brothers Zurich told me, “Aidan Turner will not attend. Sylvester McCoy will replace him. We hope there will not be anymore changes. Many thanks.”

Whilst I know this is a blow to Aidan’s many fans, I’d just like to say that this decision would not have taken this decision lightly.

The Swiss premiere is at Arena Cinemas in Zurich on 10 December, 2013. The red carpet event with Dean O’Gorman and Sylvester McCoy will start at 6.45 pm.

With thanks to Jérôme Brunner (@splatterwelt) for first alerting Middle-earth News to this.

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  2. Nooooo please tell me that this isn’t true!
    He’s my favourite actor EVER and this was my only chance to ever meet him.. I’ve been buzzing for this for ages

    Please, please tell me it’s just a bad joke!

    Never been so gutted in my whole life and I am literally crying my eyes out right now (I know no one cares but this is just a crazy fangirl trying to cope.. unsuccessfully)

    And yeah I know that he will have personal reasons and I fully respect that.. but right now I just don’t want to believe it

    • We’re so sorry to be the bearers of bad news, Nadine. Unfortunately, we have it on very good authority that he won’t be in attendance in Zurich.

      We keep our readers up to date with Hobbit Cast appearances on our Cast at Cons page ( Hopefully, you’ll get another opportunity to meet him soon!

    • Warner Bros. Switzerland ( that all three of them (Sylvester, Dean and Aidan)are going to be present at the Swiss premiere. I won tickets to attend tomorrows event and the film screening. Can’t wait to find out who of the three will actually attend. 😉