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Nick Jr.’s ‘The Puppy and the Ring’

Here’s some cool news for young Tolkien fans, this Thursday, December 5th at 7PM ET, Nick Jr. will be airing a special Tolkien themed episode of their show “Bubble Guppies”. There are also some printable activities for kids to enjoy such as The Puppy and the Ring Maze Pack and Puzzles.
Join two hapless villagers, Molly and Gil, as they accompany their puppy on an epic quest. They’ll venture through the three magical realms of Bubbledom, where they’ll meet the spritely Flutterguppies (Oona and Deema), the fun-loving Snowguppy (Goby), and the mysterious Underguppy (Nonny). Will our heroes return the Ring of the Sun to its rightful owner by sundown, or will it be “night-night” for everyone until the end of time?
The Puppy and the Ring
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