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Year 2941 – The Hobbit

December 7

  • Gandalf and Bilbo travel with Beorn along the border of Mirkwood

Gandalf and Bilbo rode behind the Elvenking, and beside them strode Beorn, once again in man’s shape, and he laughed and sang in a loud voice upon the road. So they went on until they drew near to the borders of Mirkwood, to the north of the place where the Forest River ran out.
Then they halted, for the wizard and Bilbo would not enter the wood, even though the king bade them stay a while in his halls. They intended to go along the edge of the forest, and round its northern end in the waste that lay between it and the beginning of the Grey Mountains. […] Moreover Beorn was going that way too.

[The Hobbit, Chapter 18: The Return Journey]

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