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Fan Film ‘Storm over Gondolin’ Shut Down by Tolkien Estate

Storm Over Gondolin - Orc

A few months ago, Middle-earth News reported that another fan film called Storm over Gondolin was in the making. Inspired by the tale of Gondolin, director Dimitri Frank and producer Sylvain Urban began their work on this ambitious and promising  non-profit film. Unfortunately, they have been forced to stop their project. Earlier today, the  Storm of Gondolin team announced on their Facebook page that their project has been shut down by the Tolkien Estate:

Dear fans,
We come to you today with some sad news. The Tolkien Estate, the legal body which manages the rights to Tolkien’s works, has asked us to immediately cease working on the movie Storm over Gondolin. Like you, we are extremely disappointed to have to stop the production of a movie inspired by Tolkien’s legendarium. However, the entire team is staying on board and we are more excited than ever by the opportunity to create a new world inspired by the ancient mythologies. Much of our work still stands, and we are therefore announcing the production of a new fantasy film where you will find elves and orcs in an original universe. Thank you for your support and your fidelity ; a new step in our journey is beginning, and it is for you that we are taking it!

This is very sad news, as there were many Tolkien fans looking forward to see the finished result. Nevertheless, it is true that “when one door closes, another opens”. Consequently,  I’m now looking forward to see these talented film-makers create their original fantasy universe. So, don’t forget to visit their Facebook page in order to stay tuned!

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