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Christopher Lee’s 2013 Christmas Message

In 2011, Christopher Lee posted a Christmas video message on his Youtube channel, again in 2012, and today he released this year’s video. In it, he talks about The Wicker Man, The Hobbit trilogy and his new single, A Heavy Metal Christmas Too. We even get to hear his music near the end!

He reminds everyone that his character, Saruman, is good and not evil in The Hobbit trilogy and he even gives us a little information as to the role he will play in There and Back Again. Finally, he wishes everyone to have a Happy Christmas and a safe new year! If you can, take time out of your day to watch this video, Christopher Lee is truly an inspiration.


  1. Can I just say, there is NO ONE ELSE like Christopher Lee. Here’s to the man who knows more about Tolkien than Stephen Colbert. Christopher – thank you for bringing one of Tolkien’s most iconic characters to life! Cheers and Happy Yuletide and New Year!

  2. Thanks for everything, Christopher! Can’t wait to see you in TABA.

  3. Jennifer Kingsbury says:

    He is truly amazing and indeed a Tolkien genius! also apparently, a heavy metal rock star!! ha!