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The 12 Days of Dori – Day 1


Last year, we had the pleasure of interviewing Stephen Hunter, who plays Bombur in The Hobbit films. Since it was around the busy holiday season, I came up with idea of releasing the interview through daily posts titled, The 12 Days of Bombur, throughout the traditional 12 days of Christmas. It was our hope we’d bring some Yuletide cheer to all Tolkien fans the world over, and with Stephen’s help, I think we did just that.

This year we are excited to announce we will be continuing this new annual tradition with The 12 Days of Dori! Throughout the next 12 days, we’ll be releasing one Q&A per day with Mark Hadlow, who plays Dori in The Hobbit films. If you’ve seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition, then you know just how entertaining Mark can be. We are beyond grateful for his participation in our annual post and honored to have him join us in The 12 Days of Dori.

Without further ado, I give you Mark Hadlow:


Middle-earth News: Tell us a little bit about Dori. What do you most have in common with your character?

Mark Hadlow: Dori and I have quite a bit in common. First off right out there, lets not try and disguise it, he is an anal retentive, no doubt…. and as any of my family will tell you I probably am too, in some things. I think it’s also a little bit in the genre of control freak as well. Both my daughters remind me that I am far too worried about things I cannot control, so let it go.

Dori has the same preoccupation. He is also pretty fussy about his appearance and his brothers, but of course Nori tells him to shove it, while Ori would love to but realises Dori’s feelings would be hurt.


Tomorrow: Mark Hadlow talks sibling rivalry between Ori, Nori, and Dori on The 12 Days of Dori – Day 2.

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