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The 12 Days of Dori – Day 2


Middle-earth News: Being that Dori is the elder brother of Nori and Ori, did any sibling rivalry play out on set and/or on film? How close were you to your cast brothers and do you think that connection will last years to come?

Mark Hadlow: This is a great question. I tried so hard to maintain the best possible working environment for my brothers and I, but Nori undermines me at every turn, secretly trying to take Ori away from me, turn him against me. Nori simply is a thief and he resents the fact that I am upright and responsible and every effort on my part to save Ori from the same murky destiny is met with bitter resentment and insult. Of course I turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to it, he will eventually succumb to the path of righteousness and propriety.

As for me, Jed has been a best mate for years and Adam now is part of my family, we are all close and I am sure we will always be so. Couldn’t wish for two better chaps to act with and enjoy being three brothers called the “Glories”.


Tomorrow: Mark Hadlow talks Tolkien and his vast amount of characters on The 12 Days of Dori – Day 3.

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