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Year 2941 – The Hobbit


  • Gandalf and Bilbo spend the Yuletide season with Beorn

Year 3018 – The Lord of the Rings

December 25

  • The Company of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dusk

Good… good luck!’ cried Bilbo, stuttering with the cold. ‘I don’t suppose you will be able to keep a diary, Frodo my lad, but I shall expect a full account when you get back. And don’t be too long! Farewell!’
Many others of Elrond’s household stood in the shadows and watched them go, bidding them farewell with soft voices. There was no laughter, and no song or music. At last they turned away and faded silently into the dusk.
They crossed the bridge and wound slowly up the long steep paths that led out of the cloven vale of Rivendell; and they came at length to the high moor where the wind hissed through the heather. Then with one glance at the Last Homely House twinkling below them they strode away far into the night.

[The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 3: The Ring Goes South]

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