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The 12 Days of Dori – Day 5


Middle-earth News: While filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy, members of the cast got matching tattoos. Has The Hobbit cast done the same and can you reveal what it is? If not, what do you think you all would decide on if you did get tattoos?

Mark Hadlow: Tattoos for the Trilogists was I am sure an amazing outpouring of their bonding, but all that pain. We salute them. But we all agreed that a much easier, painless way was to have a ring made for each of us to have, and include Martin and Ian. So we have a ring with the story of the “Quest” engraved on the inside with a small diamond. It’s beautifully made and it is worn with great pride. At the premieres for the first film, we all wore them. No doubt we will wear them again for two and three.


Tomorrow: Which brother has the better hairstyle, Nori or Dori? Mark Hadlow gives us his opinion on The 12 Days of Dori – Day 6.

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