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Stephen Hunter Posts Pictures of the Dwarves’ Rings

Mark Hadlow, who plays Dori in The Hobbit films, told us in our Twelve Days of Dori interview that instead of getting matching tattoos like the Fellowship members from The Lord of the Rings cast, the dwarves from The Hobbit cast went with a less painful route:

We have a ring with the story of the “Quest” engraved on the inside with a small diamond. It’s beautifully made and it is worn with great pride. At the premieres for the first film, we all wore them.

Mark Hadlow, The Twelve Days of Dori – Day 5

And now, thanks to Stephen Hunter, aka Bombur, we can get a glimpse of what those rings look like! Stephen posted these pictures to his Twitter account!



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  1. What a wonderful idea, and a beautiful design! It was very kind of him to share photos for us to see, too. I’ve been wondering what they looked like. 🙂