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The 12 Days of Dori – Day 7


Middle-earth News: There are always those scenes that are difficult to film. Was there a particular scene in The Hobbit films that you’re glad you’ll never have to repeat?

Mark Hadlow: I am glad I don’t have to fight imaginary Goblins again. OMG it was so hot and so full on, spending many days on set at Stone St. fighting the Goblins. We did a lot of scenes with a lot of takes. Of course, we were trained at the gym and our fitness was good, but the heat was almost unbearable, in the costumes, the prosthetics, and wigs. Thank god for a fantastic bunch of A/Ds and costume Department who kept us hydrated and as cool as possible. I felt sorry for the stunties and extras whom were playing the goblins, in all over one piece goblin suits. They could hardly breathe but they never complained.


Tomorrow: Mark Hadlow discusses his techniques used while acting on The 12 Days of Dori – Day 8.

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