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Happy Birthday to Graham McTavish!

Dwalin portrayed by Graham McTavish

Dwalin portrayed by Graham McTavish

Happy Birthday to Scottish actor Graham McTavish, who turns 53 today!

Graham was born on January 4, 1961 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Graham’s resume is very impressive and quite long to say the least! We all know about his role in The Hobbit as Dwalin of course, but where else can we witness his remarkable acting skills? Some of Graham’s most notable appearances are found in Rambo, Columbiana, Middlemen, and Secretariat. On television, he can be found on shows such as NCIS, NUMB3RS, CSI: Miami, Lost, Prison Break, and 24. If you’re in the UK, you will remember him for his roles in Red Dwarf, Sharpe’s Challenge, Green Street 2, and The Wicker Tree. Recently, Graham has been filming back home in Scotland for his role as Dougal MacKenzie in the soon-to-be-released TV series Outlander.

In addition to his film and television roles, Graham has taken on numerous leading roles in theatre and has helped bring life to many popular video game characters. You can find him in the wildly successful Uncharted series as well as Dante’s Inferno.

Graham has encountered several of his Hobbit cast mates before they began filming together on The Hobbit. In 2002, he worked with Martin Freeman (Bilbo) on the film Ali G Indahouse. He was also part of the TV series Jekyll that starred James Nesbitt (Bofur). In 2008, Graham played the part of Hansel Von Getz in an episode of Pushing Daisies, which featured Lee Pace (Thranduil) in the leading role.

Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish

Graham is known to be quite active over on Twitter. After snooping around through some of his tweets, I picked out a few tidbits of information about the man behind Dwalin for you:

  • Graham first read Lord of the Rings at age 17 and “Blew me away!” describes what he thought of it.
  • His favorite quote from The Hobbit? “In the gloom the great Dwarf gleamed like gold in a dying fire.” He also said that this was inscribed inside “my bag.”
  • Preacher is one of his favorite comic books.
  • Metal is Graham’s favorite musical genre and he is a fan of The Clash, The Jam, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC.
  • Does he have a favorite football team? Yes! That would be Manchester United.
  • Two of his biggest hobbies include cycling and drawing.
  • Graham used to be quite passionate about writing as a teen, preferring to write “books and plays.” It would only make sense then that his favorite subject in school was creative writing.
  • Finally, if you’d ever like to have Graham over for tea, he takes milk, no sugar!

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The Middle-earth News Team is pleased to wish Graham a very Happy Birthday!


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