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The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Collector’s Models

Ever wanted to start a Middle-earth related collection or expand your existing collection? Then maybe there is something new that might interest you! In February 2014, Eaglemoss releases the official Hobbit collector’s model magazine in Germany.

collectors models

With a scale of 1:25 these beautiful, hand-painted, miniature replicas come with a magazine containing informations about the collector’s figurine, Middle-earth, and The Hobbit films. The first edition will contain Gandalf, but Bilbo, Gollum, and will be featured in the future as well! Also, subscribers will receive four exclusive gifts such as a XL- Troll figure.

So far, there are no informations whether these miniature replicas will be available outside Germany as well.

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  1. It is stated in their FAQ that the magazine with the figures is only available in Germany. Sorry 🙁