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Tolkien Reading Days at the Castle Otzberg in Germany

A new year brings new adventures. If you’re unsure how to spend the upcoming months and happen to be in Germany, there are a few events that might you. On the grounds of the Castle Otzberg in the state of Hesse, several Tolkien themed events will be hosted throughout the year. Starting with Tolkien readings on January 12, 19, and 26, each time from 2:00 p.m. until 3:30 pm, passages of The Hobbit will be read by members of the German Tolkien Society. As if the idea to spend your Sunday on a beautiful castle, hearing Bilbo’s adventures coming to life, isn’t good enough, the reading and a book market, also held on the castle grounds, will be free of admission!


Then on May 18, during the International Museum Day, you can explore the third installment of a special Tolkien exhibition “Tolkien’s World – The Hobbit”. This exhibition is also admission free. You can see some photos of the creation of the exhibition here. When you’re done with the exhibition, you can explore the castle which has a lot to offer. You can enjoy a drink (or  meal) at the castle beer garden or you can climb the castle keep to enjoy the view.

There are many interesting events for all ages throughout the year held at the castle grounds, but another Tolkien themed event will be held on August 23 and 24. The Hobbit Days, organised by the German Tolkien Society, will host a variety of Middle-earth themed activities, including a costume contest. Again, this event is also admission free!

More information regarding the schedule and other events throughout the year can be found here. Now where is my calendar? I really need to mark the Hobbit Days. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

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