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Tumblr user CaracalFeathers is responsible for this amazing edible creation. She described her dish: “Marzipan Smaug atop a treasure of golden sprinkles and rich chocolate souffle.  As fun to eat as he was to make!” When those white candles are lit, the dragon breathes fire! (Alice)

The Lord of the Ring Read-Along Blog invites you to join other fans in reading The Lord of the Rings from start to finish in 2014! The schedule states that the official start date is January 11, so now is the perfect time to get in on the action! (Lily Milos)

3D Systems, a 3D printing comapny,  has recently acquired Gentle Giant, who we know for their fabulous, if sometimes disturbing, busts of characters from The Hobbit (Goblin King, we’re looking at you). With this purchase, 3D Systems will get to leverage the high profile partnerships Gentle Giant has formed with franchises like The Hobbit, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Marvel. (Evie Bowman)


Denise Salway has made it her mission to knit the characters from The Hobbit movies. She doesn’t work from any set patterns and creates the designs for each character herself. You can see more of her work on her Flickr page and follower her on Twitter @KnittingWitchUK. (Evie Bowman)

Though The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a global hit, it is surprisingly hard to to find a cinema in Korea that is playing it. CGV, who owns many Korean multiplexes, completely ignored The Hobbit film this year due to a a feud with Warner Brothers.  (Evie Bowman)

The Digital Entertainment Group help its annual reception at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and presented the awards for top digital entertainment. The DEG awarded five honors for Creative Excellence in Blu-Ray Disc titles, presenting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with the award for “New Release Title of the Year.” (Evie Bowman)

There is an argument going on between Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Time Warner/New Line Cinemas, and as is often the case in Hollywood, it all comes down to dollars and cents. The Weinstein’s assert that they are entitled to profits from the second and third Hobbit films while Warner Bros. states they only have rights to the first. Follow the story at your peril; we’ll just wait to see how this plays out. (Evie Bowman)

If you think it doesn’t get any geekier than critiquing a fantasy film for the addition of a non-canon character using the power of song…then you’d be wrong. The Esgaroth Three don’t mess around. They took things to the next level by filming their video in Peter Jackson’s hometown with a cast of extras fromThe Hobbit films on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. (Evie Bowman)


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