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Color Your Own Dragon with John Howe’s ‘Draconis’

Draconis John HoweI remember what it was like as a kid to have coloring books. I’d spend hours flipping through the pages and taking my time to color everything just right. Hey, even now as an adult I admit that I wouldn’t mind relaxing with a good coloring book now and then.

Well here’s something Tolkien fans young and old can get excited about: Pictura and artist John Howe are coming out with a coloring book filled with illustrations of dragons! Draconis (also called Coloring Dragons) features artwork by John Howe, who not is only one of the greatest artists who bring Middle-earth to life, but he is also one of the concept artists from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. In addition to beautiful artwork, we get advice on how to draw dragons from Howe himself.

About Pictura

Pictura showcases a stunning range of art to collect and admire and encourages beginning to advanced artists to put their own stamp of creativity on the artwork by coloring it in. Its unique accordion foldout format makes it an attractive decorative piece that can be displayed and shared with others. Some of the world’s most famous and respected illustrators set the foundation of the artwork by creating beautiful, original, and imaginative scenes. It is up to the individual to color in these spectacular settings, enhancing the scenes and adding their own personal touch.

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