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The Fellowship of the Ring Trailer Revisited

USA Today recently put together a list of the greatest movie trailers of all time which included The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Hurrah!

Wyzow then took the list and looked at what marketing lessons could be learned from each trailer. For FOTR they said, “… it does a great job of introducing viewers to the story in an exciting and dynamic way. Every single second of the trailer is crammed with a myriad of messages, conscious and subconscious, which build a comprehensive picture of what the viewer can expect if they buy a ticket to see the movie. The language used by the character speaks to the epic nature of the movie.
Takeaway lessons: Use the right tone-of-voice. Tell a story, and capture your viewer’s attention!”

Me? I just loved seeing the trailer again. It’s as thrilling as ever. Seems I’ll be having a rewatch of FOTR quite soon!



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