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One of New Zealand’s Most Popular Bars: The Green Dragon

According to, the Green Dragon Inn in Matamata has become one of New Zealand’s busiest bars. Since the closest I’ve ever been to the Green Dragon is through the films, I can only imagine how busy it gets every single day. Russell Alexander, the Hobbiton chief executive, stated that on their busiest day, there were a total of 60 tours of the film set. Making that about one tour every ten minutes!

Ever since the Green Dragon opened in November of 2012, tourists have guzzled down 50,000 litres of the Hobbit label Southfarthing Sackville Cider and Frogmorton Ginger Beer. With hundreds of fans visiting the beloved pub everyday, it’s no surprise the Green Dragon has become one of the most popular and successful bars in the country.

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If you want to learn more about the Green Dragon Inn, be sure to check out this article we published back when the Inn recently opened.

The Green Dragon from 'The Return of the King'

The Green Dragon from ‘The Return of the King’

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