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Kabam Releases New Update For The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth

Campaign Alliance Boss Battles are coming soon!

Campaign Alliance Boss Battles are coming soon!


Kabam has just released a brand new update for their popular mobile game, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. This game keeps getting even more interesting and much more complex with every update! Being an active player myself, I am quite pleased that Kabam keeps finding ways to make the game feel “new.”

Kabam outdid themselves with their last massive update in early December. This included brand new artwork and improved high-definition graphics. For the first time, players were able to equip their heroes with armor and weapons. The new hero gear can be won through purchasing chests, crafted in the Sage’s Tower, or earned through Campaign Mode. The chance to battle Smaug himself also became available as well as the option to control a fourth city.


This latest update includes a new "Moon Runes" rewards system.

This latest update includes a new “Moon Runes” rewards system.

The latest update was just released on January 25 and includes several new features of game play. The first involves a new system of rewards under the name “Moon Rune Discovery.” Essentially, the longer you stay in the game, the more rewards you can gather. After collecting one Moon Rune reward, the next will become available anywhere from a few minutes to an hour later.

The second major feature is the introduction of Campaign Alliance Boss Battles. No longer must you face the most notorious villains of Middle-earth alone! This latest update will allow you for the first time to band together with your alliance-mates in Campaign Mode.

There also appears to be the promise of new city building events in the near future. Middle-earth News will continue to follow the progress of these updates as more information comes our way.

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  1. mark longworth says:

    Hi there. … I have news about the new update for hobbit! !! It’s crap! !!
    Many android users are locked out of the game 4 – 5 days after updating! ! We just have a blank screen. … The usual ” support” is of no help and the forums don’t provide any help or support or information about when this will be fixed. .. Enjoy your game!
    Tk_hunting 103

  2. I don’t see the Alliance Boss option anywhere…

    In looking at the screenshots at , I realize that I don’t have either the Campaign or Gear icons in the footer navigation, and when I go to Campaign through Quests I don’t see the Alliance Boss option.

    Do I have to be a certain level to unlock this stuff? I’m level 18…